Meeting Report

Doodle's "State of Meetings Report 2019" is an overview of the way meetings are organised in the workplace. Each chapter offers a look at various questions, issues and recommendations about meetings in order to improve them and reduce wasted time and money. The report collects data from three sources: a Nielsen in-depth study of 1,000 professionals (August 2018), a survey of 5528 professionals from the UK, Switzerland, Germany and the US (October-December 2018) and an analysis of over 19 million meeting responses shared through the Doodle platform in 2018.

The report, published in December 2018, was designed by London-based Studio Blackburn, and developed by Systems Studio with the help of Norma. The charts, divided into 4 chapters, are displayed and animated on a purpose-built platform using Node.js. Each page has a unique address to facilitate sharing, and all navigation between charts and pages is handled manually. After its period of relevance, the site was closed at the beginning of 2021.

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