is a Turin-based graphic design studio that explores the nihilistic possibility of removing aesthetic choice from the transmission of information. Norma does absolutely nothing special. This website works on any browser and is built to be the least website possible. Other articles written by Norma:

The following is a list of articles written by Norma:
Ideas Published
Websites must be accessible 09.09.2018
Nothing special 08.28.2018
Every Internet page emits CO2 12.29.2018
Black and white 05.02.2019
Farewell to design 04.16.2021

Graphic and web design

Since 2018 Norma has been experimenting with radical ideas through graphic design, web development, editorial design and corporate branding, in the belief that a quickly printed sheet of A4 paper with Times New Roman lettering is better and more effective communication than any decoration or mystification.

Book design

Publication for "ITALY: A New Collective Landscape". 2023

Graphic design art gallery


Identity, website. 2023.

Brochure graphic design Flyer graphic design

Aluar Estate

Concept, brochure. 2020

Website development

Yamaha Black Boxes archive

Website. 2020–2021

Fashion outdoor advertising Milan


Website, advertising. 2022

Advertising campaigns agency

Massimo Fiorio

Advertising. 2018

Web development agency Web design studio

Adotech (Purple Sails)

Blog network. 2020

Italian graphic design

Website. 2020

Advertising designa agency

Sezione Tascabili

Exhibition, advertising. 2021

Exhibition stand design

Competence Center CIM4.0

Booth. A&T2020

Graphic design studio magazine


Magazine. 2019

Brand identity design studio


Identity, website. 2021

Book design studio Book printing Swiss style graphic design Book design agency Book graphic design Illustrated book design

Robusta Taurinorum

Book. 2019

Activities, events

Norma completed various non-commercial projects, including experimenting with dithering filters and augmented reality, curating an archive of Yamaha instruments and collaborating to the realization of, a directory of designers from Turin. Visual and conceptual explorations have also been conducted in real space on the occasion of some events:

The following is a list of events organised by Norma:

Events Date
2018 Opening 12.19.2018
Tangenze Botaniche 09.10.2019
Sezione Tascabili 09.17.2021