Gute Process

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Gute Process was an online magazine dedicated to the design profession today, published in 7 issues between 2016 and 2018. Through a holistic attitude and a desire to promote critical engagement and intellectual dignity in the field of graphic design, Gute Process explored contemporary design issues, promoting the best design projects through short essays, critiques and interviews with designers.

Gute Process has been published by a group of editors and contributors who share the belief that the field of design needs a more meaningful discourse, with the idea that the intelligent and informed exchange of ideas can take place through the promotion of critical thinking, reflection and understanding of the complexity of the design field. An archive of all articles is made available here.

Laying the Ground

Issue 01: Laying the Ground

The Gute Process Manifesto Editorial
Design as process Essay
On collaborations Essay
Profile: Iain Follett Profile
Catseye Bay Critique
Festival de San Sebastián Critique
Modern Form

Issue 02: Modern Form

On epoch: to be of one's time Editorial
Readability of the letter o Essay
On curiosity and experimentation Essay
Profile: Anna Rieger Profile
Ben Vautier Critique
Terence Woodgate Critique
The Importance of Graphic Design

Issue 03: The Importance of Graphic Design

Graphic design as a social act Editorial
Graphic design as architectural statement Essay
Designers and their role in the DIY era Essay
Profile: Artiva Profile
Betevé Critique
Unit Editions Critique
The Clients Issue

Issue 04: The Clients Issue

The pointless fight against clients Editorial
Educating entrepreneurs Essay
Balancing a duet Essay
Profile: Sean Wolcott Profile
Redesign Przywództwa Critique
Artek Helsinki Critique
Preserving the Future

Issue 05: Preserving the Future

The death of critical thinking Editorial
A graphic design museum Essay
Renting posters Essay
Profile: Design by Toko Profile
Soma Critique
The Form of Form Critique
Simplicity and Meaning

Issue 06: Simplicity and Meaning

As simple as it looks Editorial
Graphic Design's pendulum Essay
Profile: Astrid Stavro Profile
OD-11 Critique
Feeld Critique
Reality as Language

Issue 07: Reality as Language

Inclusive, not exclusive Editorial
Can design semantics survive the age of the fake? Essay
Profile: Civilization Profile
Antwerp Art Weekend Critique
Angelica Mesiti: Relay League Critique